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Chevy Camaro Transmission Troubleshooting

    Clutch Problems

    • If the clutch will not release, look underneath the vehicle and make sure the clutch linkage rod is properly connected. If the clutch begins to slip, meaning when you press the accelerator with the vehicle in gear you experience little or no increase in vehicle speed, it could be a sign of oil contaminating the clutch disc or a warped or bent clutch disc. If the clutch pedal stays on the floor when released, check that the return spring is connected to the clutch linkage. Also make sure that the linkage moves freely.

    Manual Transmission Problems

    • If the transmission is noisy while the transmission is in neutral, the input shaft is likely worn. It could also indicate damage to the main drive gear bearing. If the transmission is noisy in all gears, it likely indicates a low gear oil level in the transmission. Remove the check plug from the side of the transmission and check the gear oil level. If the manual transmission is leaking, it could mean the transmission has been overfilled with gear oil. Also check the seal between the rear of the transmission and the driveshaft for leaks.

    Automatic Transmission Problems

    • If you are experiencing continual fluid leakage, pinpoint the leak by doing the following. Wipe the engine clean using shop rags and an automotive solvent. Then drive the vehicle at low speeds, to avoid wind moving fluid away from the source of the leak. Inspect the transmission; the fluid will appear dark red in color. Transmission slippage, rough shifting, noise and no drive in forward or reverse are all symptoms of low fluid levels. Correct the source of the leak and refill the transmission with fluid.

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