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Tweezing Eyebrows & Acne


When tweezing any area of the body, you are removing the hair from the root and leaving the pore open. This allows dirt, bacteria or dead skin to enter the pore, which can become infected or inflamed and cause acne. Sometimes hair can get trapped under the surface of the skin, also causing inflammation and acne.


Make sure to tweeze in the direction of the hair growth, and only grasp hairs that are easily accessible. Don't try to dig into the skin to pluck out ingrown hairs because this can cause bacteria to enter the skin, leading to breakouts or scarring.


Thoroughly cleanse the skin before tweezing, and make sure to use clean, sanitized tweezers. Using a warm compress before tweezing can open the pores and allow the hair to be easily released. After the hair is removed, use a gentle antibacterial toner to close the pores and prevent bacteria from entering the skin to assist in preventing acne.


Exfoliation between treatments approximately one to two times a week can be useful for preventing breakouts by removing dead skin cells and allowing hair to grow easily from the skin. An enzyme mask is a great way to exfoliate the skin and allow trapped hairs to free themselves, preventing acne.


Use an astringent or antibacterial toner after tweezing and a cleanser to control acne. Also use an exfoliating enzyme mask or scrub.

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