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How to Wash a Ham Hock Before Use

    • 1). Vigorously wash the exterior of the ham hocks with a scrub brush to remove any visible dirt. Rinse the ham hock completely after washing.

    • 2). Place the ham hocks into the pot and add water until they are completely submerged.

    • 3). Bring the pot of water and ham hocks to a boil over medium high heat and boil for one minute.

    • 4). Drain the ham hocks in a colander.

    • 5). Rinse the ham hocks in the colander under cold running water for a full minute. Use the ham hocks immediately in any recipe desired.

    • 6). Soak the ham hocks in cold water for 24 hours instead of boiling them, if you prefer. Change the water four to five times during the 24-hour period. This will also ensure the ham hocks are clean. Rinse thoroughly after soaking them and drain the ham hocks using a colander.

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