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Why Malvan for a Weekend Getaway?

There are 8 Talukas to the district of Sindhudurg in Maharashtra. Malvan is one of those very well known as a Weekend Getaway Spot. Like many other holiday spots it has a lot to offer to the tourists. But basically Malvan is famous for three things Food, Fort and Waters. People who are fond of food, beach and relaxation will definitely love it. Also the water-sports lovers would also choose Malvan considering its ideal beaches like snorkeling like Devbag Sangam & Vengurla Rocks and the opportunities of the SCUBA Diving and Snorkeling. Malvan has place for all types of tourists whether they are foodies, adventure enthusiasts, sports lovers, historians, etc. There are people who like to try out different places every season. Malvan is definitely worth a try. It is a paradise for the sea food lovers in and around Maharashtra. People love the Konkani Food served here. People love the Malvani Cuisines served here so much that they always buy lot of mixes and spices on their way home to have the same mouth watering tastes as per their mood and occasion whenever they feel at their residence. It cannot be considered authentic without these raw materials produced in Malvan.

People find all sorts of waters activities in Malvan. Tarkarli Beach for water sports or Karli backwaters to just sit back and enjoy boat rides. You may just lie down on the beautiful beaches and take sun bath reading your favorite books listen to your music. Usually people visit Malvan from October to mid Mays. But one would love to be in Malvan between the months of November to February i.e. in winters. This is the time when it is most refreshing and amicable atmosphere in Malvan.

The major attraction in Malvan for which it is most popular is the Sindhudurg, the fort built by Shivaji the Indian Legendry warrior King in India. The District is named after this fort. The fort was built within the sea water which is why it is more popular amongst classes. It is obviously the first choice of people living in Maharashtra when they feel like enjoying their time with friends and family on a weekend getaway. The best part is they need not worry about accommodation since there is a lot of development in this area. Now-a-days you find very nice hotels in Malvan with Multicusine Restaurants and luxurious Rooms for Stay making your vacations hassle free. The people in Malvan are very helpful and the natives of this region always make it a point to visit their village at least once in a year. People of Malvan are basically very traditional and conservative in their beliefs but they are not behind in terms of modernization.

If you are in search of a weekend getaway, Malvan is a destination most sought after from various stats in India and people even opt for this place as a transit Halt between flights since it makes their time count and adds to their experience of India.

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