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Tomatina Tomato Fight Tours

On this page you'll find out about the Tomatina Tomato Fight guided tours that are offered by various tour operators.

There isn't much 'guiding' that can be done at a giant food fight. The guide takes you there, you throw tomatoes at everyone, the guide takes you back. Because of this, each of these tours offers more than just transport to and from the tour, with tours of other sights in the area.

Update for Tomatina 2013 - You Need a Ticket!

It has been announced for 2013 that all visitors to Tomatina will need a ticket. Numbers are limited to just 15,000 and will cost 10 euros. If you have already booked a Tomatina tour, you should check with the operator that the ticket is included in the price. If you aren't doing a tour on this page, make sure you read about how to get your Tomatina tickets.
If all you want is someone to guarantee you get to the fight on time, I recommend the first tour, which is the only one that lasts a single day (and so is the cheapest).

1. Tomatina Tour: One Day

If you don't need accommodation and food and just want to make sure you get to the tomato fight on time, this day tour is for you. Meet the crew at the designated time and place in Valencia and they will whisk you to scene of the fight with other revelers. There's then an after-party you can join.

Return Bus and Entry Only

If all you are looking for is transport and entry, select option B from Spaintastic.
Price: 30.50€

Companies Offering One-Day Tomatina Tours
  • Busabout
    Busabout are the kings of festival travel. Their tour offers an expert guide, post-party, the entrance fee, return coach from Valencia to Buñol, an afternoon at the beach a t-shirt and shower cap!
    Price: 75€.
  • thisisValencia
    This local tour company offers transport to and from Buñol, paella lunch (with unlimited beer), the entrance fee, a t-shirt and goggles.
    Price: 85€.
  • Stoke Travel
    This tour by a smaller independent travel company, isn't strictly a 'one-day' tour as you have to camp with them. They offer transport to and from Buñol, guide, beach camping, breakfast and dinner and unlimited beer or sangria.
    Price: 65€.

2. Three-, Four- or Five-Day Tomatina Tours

Several tour companies offer medium-length Tomatina tours. Check out your options below:

What All These Tours Offer

All of these tours at the very least offer:
  • Accommodation (either camping, in a dorm at a hostel or a private room at a hostel or hotel)
  • Bus to Tomatina and back
  • A guide to help you get the most out of the festival
  • Entry ticket to the festival
  • Pre- and/or post-parties

3. Busabout Tomatina Tours

You have a number of choices from Busabout, depending on how long a tour you want and the type of accommodation you need.

All Busabout tours offer, in addition to the common elements mentioned above: breakfast every day, walking tour of Valencia, afternoon at the beach, t-shirt and shower cap!

4. PP Travel

All PP Travel Tomatina tours include, in addition to the common elements mentioned above: breakfast every day and a t-shirt.

5. First Festival Travel

In addition to the common elements all tours offer (see above), this tour includes: daily breakfast and a t-shirt.

6. The Fanatics

This tour is a barebones offering: in addition to the elements all tours offer, they will give you a t-shirt.

7. Eight-Day Barcelona, Ibiza & Tomatina Tomato Fight Tour

Stays in Barcelona, Valencia and Ibiza. Includes a visit to the biggest nightclub in the world.
Tomatina Ticket Included? Unknown. I have contacted the company to find out.More »

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