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Home Security in Natural Surroundings - Staying Safe While Camping

The camping trip is a great American tradition.
A time to spend with family or friends, it is an opportunity to reestablish a relationship with nature and the great outdoors.
Though it may not be everyone's cup of tea (let's be honest, the idea of spending days in the woods without the amenities of home can be rather unappealing to some), a camping trip is a relaxing, enjoyable and economical vacation option.
As with all vacations, however, time away from home can never be all fun and games.
Certain considerations must always be taken, including packing, eating, communicating and more.
Precaution must also be taken when it comes to staying safe and secure.
Home security, unfortunately, is an issue that never goes away - even when we're not at home.
Though a camping trip is not the riskiest vacation option, it does require a fair amount of attention to safety and security.
The home security practices of our households must, to some extent, follow us into the woods, desert or wherever it is that we may go.
Not sure of what to do to stay safe and secure while in the great outdoors? Take a few cues here.
If you plan to travel and stay in a camper, make sure the locks on it are strong and in working order.
Though you may not realize it, some of the items in your camper are quite valuable and may be tempting to burglars.
Attackers are also always at bay, and if you're in a remote area, they may take advantage and sneak up.
It's best to be safe than sorry, so while you're away from the protection of your home alarm system, at least lock up.
If you're in a tent, your security options may be a bit compromised.
Nevertheless, there are things that you can do.
Talk to park rangers or other authorities in the area about any security problems or safety issues in the past.
These people are knowledgeable and should be honest if there is something serious to worry about.
Avoid bringing valuable items with you while you're on your camping trip.
You could lose or break things like jewelry, expensive sunglasses, and electronics just as easily as they could be stolen.
It's best to leave whatever you don't want to risk losing at home.
Beware of bears and other animals and insects that could cause you a little bit of trouble.
Keep food secured and stored, and if there are bears in the area, put the storage bin at a distance from where you sleep.
Inquire about animal attacks in the area and find out what you should do in the case of an emergency.
Load up on bug spray - bug bites can be uncomfortable and dangerous.
Be alert to what you hear going on around you, and if you feel unsafe, don't be afraid to get into your car and drive away.

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