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How to Tell Leopard Frog Eggs From Wood Frog Eggs

    • 1). Check a calendar. Wood frogs breed from March to April while the northern leopard frog breeds only in April.

    • 2). Measure the size of the mass of eggs collected together. Wood frogs lay a large, globular mass of 500-800 eggs together. The mass can measure 60-100 mm (2.36-3.94 in) in diameter. The norther leopard frog lays a tight globular mass of 6,000 eggs. The mass can measure 10-16 cm (3.94-6.30 in) in diameter.

    • 3). Determine the color of the eggs. Wood frog eggs are appear to be a dark color. They are actually a capsule of clear jelly surrounding an embryo that is black on top and white below. Northern leopard frog eggs, on the other hand, are completely black.

    • 4). Note the location of the egg mass. Wood frogs lay their eggs near the water's surface, attached to vegetation. Northern leopard frogs lay their eggs several centimeters under water on top of vegetation.

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