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Samsung Tablet: Say Hi to Google Android

Many people consider that Samsung Tablet Android [] 2.2 is a breakthrough in tablet market and it is out rivaling the ipad. However the specifications within the Samsung tablet still needs to be examined further to conclude such opinion. As we can see in all products especially electronic gadget, newest developed innovations always offered by the latest released product, each product most likely learn from the previous and brings out more enhanced features and benefits for its consumer, not to mention fulfilling customer changing necessities. Yet, many tablet offered in the market also come up with the same features with any other tablet, but within different kind of packages, some even has less features compared to the previous. Therefore, let us learn a bit on what kind of features that Samsung has brought to worldwide within its Samsung Tablet Android.

Samsung Tablet Android runs Window XP or Window 7 with its Android 2.2 as the Operating System. The OS was developed by Google and enable the users to download thousand of applications and install them within a tablet or laptop. It is an open source OS, and at the time its free for all the users. Google has been developing the OS and the applications to grow bigger in order to provide the users with more benefits. One thing that we should highlight about the tablet that it provides Adobe Flash 10.1, which will come in handy when the user wishes to watch videos online. The software enable you to gain access to any websites that required Flash to be seen, and viewing videos on the internet is much more comfort, since the Flash planted inside Samsung Tablet Android would give you superb images quality.

Another thing that we could zoom in on the Samsung Tablet Android [] is the size of its screen. The ground breaking ipad has 10inch screen, yet Samsung Tablet only has 7 inch, this special feature would bring mobility and more portability for the users since you can slide the tablet inside your pocket and it certainly would save you more space in your bag compartment. More that we can observe in Samsung Galaxy Tab specs [] is that the tablet set up with two cameras, one on the front and the other is on the back. The cameras will give you privilege to make a video-conference or with the one on the back you will be able to take good quality pictures and shoot your own videos.

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