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Good Carbohydrate Foods

I was talking to a friend of mine who regularly runs in races and is a big recreational runner in his spare time.
I was wondering about carbohydrates because I've heard in the past that before running in a race or in other competitions it is good to load up on carbs.
I love carbohydrate foods, especially pasta.
If past is a good diet food then I'm all for carbohydrates.
But, there's always a but when you're talking about foods that you enjoy, he gave me a look as if to say keep dreaming pal.
He started to enlighten me in the story of the carbohydrate.
The word Carbohydrate could be exchanged for the word saccharide.
Have you heard of saccharide? If you break this word down far enough you'll probably find that saccharide in Greek will translate to sugar.
Then he gave me a little lesson on what carbohydrates do for our bodies.
Here's where the idea came from that you should load up on carbohydrates before running a race.
What do carbohydrates do for our bodies.
Carbohydrates provide a fuel source for our bodies.
They help our organs to function efficiently.
In short they are good for us, are a positive part of our diets, and do help us when it comes to physical activity.
That part is pretty clear.
Here's the important part though.
There are good carbohydrate foods.
You should definitely keep this in mind.
What are these? Good carbohydrate foods consist of fruits, vegetables, whole grain foods, and beans.
One of my favorite foods are sub sandwiches.
There is a certain place that I like to go to that advertises how healthy there food is and how a certain person lost all kinds of weight by eating at their establishments.
You know what, I bet he didn't eat those sandwiches on white bread.
White breads are one of those things that you should avoid when trying to lose weight.
Next time you're in that sub shop, order your sandwich on the Whole wheat bread instead of white.
Good carbohydrate foods also include fresh fruits and veggies, and if you can get the organic foods that is even better.
Basically the more the processing and preservatives that go into food, the more likely it is to lead to weight gain.
Just try to keep away from those.
Also, don't forget the running too.
As I've mentioned before I always promote exercise.

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