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How to Design a Body Kit

    • 1). Scan through a variety of images that reflect body kit styles on car models similar to what you own. These are available for free online and can offer you a good foundational glimpse into what is possible depending on your time, skill set and budget.

    • 2). Start with the front of the vehicle and begin designing your body kit from the front to the back, then the top to the bottom. Create a Photoshop document or utilize a CAD (computer-aided design) program to create a diagram of your vehicle. Add components onto the image virtually as you design your custom body kit. If you do not have access to a computer, sketch your design on graph paper to scale.

    • 3). Design according to the car model. Various manufacturers produce customizable upgrades that fit the style and parameters of their brand. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to fit a different manufacturer's part on your vehicle.

    • 4). Determine the top priorities to your design. From the hood, to lighting and fenders, or adding a spoiler and new doors, choose the most important features you want to change, then determine your budget and move forward with what you can afford and complete successfully.

    • 5). Design a body kit that fits with the lines and aesthetic of the vehicle. Take the proper measurements of the components you are customizing, list these on your design template, then add other features progressively. Consider the time and tools you will need to implement the design into reality.

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