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Jewelry Trends 2011 - Red Gemstones For The Spring Fashions

The red palette this Spring from Pantone is a bit of a challenge for gem matching.
Gone are last year's deep reds and solid coral that has easy matches.
This Spring will elevate our creativity as jewelry makers and designers.
Honeysuckle is a soft pinkish color with a heavy saturation and a hint of dark coral, while Coral Rose leans towards a Burnt Sienna.
Both of these colors will play well coming out of the Winter blahs and lighten up our senses and playfulness.
Pink Tourmaline will emerge as the clear winner for Honeysuckle.
This is a great and vibrant gemstone that rarely sees it's true elegance with designers.
For an inexpensive alternative, Rose Quartz may be able to work into your designs but is lacking the deep saturation of Pantone's Honeysuckle.
A more creative touch would lend itself to Pink Rhodochrosite or even a Pink Opal.
The pearl will play an important part this Spring in all the fashion colors from Pantone and Honeysuckle will be no exception.
Coral Rose will be the true challenge for designers everywhere, but may work well with natural media such as wood, bone or glass.
Anytime I see a Sienna tone for Spring, I get a bit panicked.
Orange gemstones are not only hard to find, but lend themselves to a wide and unstable variation of hues.
For most orange gemstones, no two seem to be alike.
But here are few unique ones that we can work with.
Spessartine Garnet, while a bit expensive, may hold the clear winner for this Spring's Pantone shade.
Other notables could include Nigerian Tourmaline, Sunstone, Carnelian (if you're lucky enough to find the rare orange shades) and some darker, more saturated tones of Amber.

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