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10cm above Knee: Take a Fresh Look at Superstars' Rare Cocktail Dresses on the Red Carpet (1)

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The red carpet show has just become a big, big focus once again because of the 64th Annual Cannes International Film Festival that was perfectly concluded just a few weeks ago. So, this time let's just get our critical eyes focus on those rare cocktail dresses shown by a number of famous actresses on the red carpet. No matter young girls or cougars, all of these super stars are trying their best to let everyone be able to take a fresh look at their own unique cocktail dresses.

Taylor Swift – Mermaid sequined cocktail dress

Taylor Swift - Mermaid sequined cocktail dress

trans.gifWearing a Zuhair Murad gold dress, Taylor Swift really ate up a large number of shots from the reporters. Such a nude one-piece strapless sequined cocktail dress unexpectedly creates a mermaid-like stunning look as much as possible!

Lourdes Leon – national-wind & large-geometry pattern


The design of Lourdes Leon's dress this time absolutely inherits the modern fashion cells from her mother. Regarding her latest fashion styling every time as well as her cooperation with the "hot mum" Madonna on creation of new fashion brand (serves as the chief designer), despite her actions are not as exaggerated as what Madonna did in the past, our cute chick can always get her styling to well feature her own personalities every time. Such a one-piece dress may not be very obtrusive but has been nice look enough. In particular, her beautiful legs are actually the great finishing touch to make her dress shine as much as possible!

Cameron Diaz – One-shoulder cocktail dress

Cameron Diaz – One-shoulder cocktail dress

If there is a need to check over all top fashion actresses in Hollywood, Cameron Diaz must be one of them to make the list. From graceful to fresh, she can always bring everyone a surprise in terms of her fashion styling. This one-shoulder dress just perfectly interprets what is meant by sexy and cool, and such a dress is undoubtedly a graceful model and the best choice for plump cougars' dress stylings.

Anna Paquin – Bright red V-neck dress

Anna Paquin – Bright red V-neck dress

As a Hollywood star, Anna Paquin shows everyone her high temperament marvelously. However the design of this dress is somewhat disappointing. Except the exciting bright red color itself, other parts of the design including V-neck, fleecy hemline, black high heels and handbag did not well reflect the real temperament of her own. We would like to suggest here that she could change it into a miniskirt pattern so as to expose her sexy long legs, thereby attracting much more eyeballs!;D

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(To be continued...)

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