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How to Determine the Right HHO Generator for Your Vehicle

Now you are sure to buy the HHO generator. Before making a purchase to HHO generator. It is very important to ensure proper HHO generator for your car engine requirement. Error in deciding can lead to failure to achieve the savings that we want. I tried to explain briefly how to determine the HHO generator is suitable for your vehicle.

The ratio to achieve results using HHO as a fuel supplement, is determined by the engine displacement for which engine the Cell will be installed with. Normally, it is 25% of the Liter displacement of that engine to begin seeing results. For example, if the engine is a 1.5 liter engine (1500 cc), then 0.375 Liters Per Minute (LPM) is required to see any results. For those that desire much higher results, really, they can go 1 to 1 or even higher. but the use of HHO generator is too big not too effective compared with the cost to purchase

On average, using the 25% ratio, the end user will see some results, but not greatly increased miles per gallon results. Minimally, these are some of the noticeable benefits:

Carbon and gunk buildup in the engine will disappear
Improved fuel/air mixture
improves emissions by lowering the carbon emissions of that engine
slight increase in horsepower (5% to 10%)
less wear and tear of the engine

If a larger cell is installed, 125% HHO production per 1 liter of engine displacement and tuned properly, the end user can begin to significantly improve their miles per gallon or decrease fuel consumption; then the end user can expect on avg of 25% gain in mileage or a 25% reduction in fuel consumption. If 200% HHO production per 1 liiter of engine displacement and tuned properly, the end user can expect up to a 50% mileage gain or 50% decrease in fuel consumption.

For most smaller automobiles with a 1.6-2.0 liter engine that the end user is desiring a 25% increase in their mileage we recommend a cell that produces minimum 2 LPM, but can produce up to 4 LPM.

For enterprise applications, for example a Tractor Trailer / Big Rig with an engine displacement of 885cu in. (14.5 Liter Displacement), requires 144-540 amps of current at 12-14 volts DC and produced 18-36 LPM of HHO. This obviously requires an alternator upgrade, since the majority of stock alternators are 250 amp, but the costs justifies the means and in terms of costs, $400-$500 for an alternator is nothing compared to the extensive fuel savings.

With this explanation. I hope you are not wrong in choosing the best HHO generator for your vehicle. Happy Choice

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