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Business Coaching - Marketing To Current Clients

Do you want to get the most business possible? Successful entrepreneurs know you have to be proactive to really build your business. Waiting for business to come to you is not going to be very effective . If you have an existing customer database you could be sitting on a virual gold mine of revenue.

Special Offers

Special offers are a great way to entice your customers to do more business with you. include the following in your offerings to your good customers:

- Free service vouchers
- Two for the price of one
- Exclusive or VIP offers

Approaching existing clients is 5 times cheaper and more effective than finding new clients Besides, your loyal customers will appreciate being the first to be offered an irresistible deal. There are four steps to creating your campaign.

1. Decide on your special offer (a good blend of services/products that represents value in the eyes of your customers)
2. Communicate the offer to staff so they are prepared for customer demand
3. Draft a few email flyers to test on a small portion of your database
4. Measure the results of the campaign

Referrals Program

Business coaching programs always incorporate a referrals campaign. This is because this strategy is low cost and very effective. In order to take advantage of referral marketing, you need a basic marketing plan.Be sure to follow all steps of the plan so you can make the most out of your contact.

1. Create your incentive offer to your customers for referring you to other potential clients.

2. Draft a couple of letters or emails to send to a test sample of your existing customers.

3. Send the emails/letters.

4. Follow up. You need to make sure you follow up on the referrals email by telephoning (use a script) and reiterating the offer. You will be surprised that up to fifteen to twenty percent of clients contacted will give you referrals.

As great as referral marketing is, there is still another business coaching strategy that can be employed to maximize your marketing investment.


Whenever you have a satisfied customer, ask them to say or write a few words describing what they liked about your business. You can employ testimonials in any or all of the following:

- On your website
- In your Marketing kit
- On your business cards
- On your statements and invoices
- In emails and direct mail outs

Testimonials are very powerful marketing tools. People want reassurance that someone else has tried your services/product and been satisfied. When they see testimonials they have more confidence as it reduces the risk (in their mind) in the decision to do business with you.

Obtain your testimonials in a structured format to guarantee they are meaniful and specific. If they are full of too much hype, they will seem like a marketing ploy. Where possible get the ok from your customer to use their name and suburb.

Implement these strategies and you will be well on your way to growing your business without the need for a massive marketing budget.Business coaching programs will include using these powerful approaches to your existing customers - because they work.

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