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Success in ACN - What Your Upline Is Hiding From You

How cool is it to make money providing services that folks are already paying for and using?   And you can make even more money when you get your friends and family to purchase their phone, internet, satellite TV, and wireless (just to name a few!) services from you.  ACN is constantly adding new products and services for you to sell.  And don't forget the video phone!

You want to work this business and grow three downlines fast so that you can get those huge T-Cab bonuses.  And what about the residual income?  Most of your customers are signing a two year contract and you will receive residual income every time your customers pay their bill as well as all of the customers of your teammates in your downline.  Is this even possible?  Is financial freedom possible with this kind of business opportunity?

Absolutely, but don't be blinded by A C N's antiquated marketing techniques.   Is any business worth alienating friends and family?  All of the really successful RVPs and SVPs will tell you that you can have what they have if you do business the way they do business.  Unfortunately, they are not telling you the truth.   Most often, success in any network marketing company is not achieved by chasing friends and family, inviting them to meetings, handing out expensive DVDs and magazines, and participating on 3-way calls with your upline.

Network Marketing is a "numbers" business.  First of all, only 5% of those participating in network marketing are successful.  Why is that?  After alienating all of your friends and family and experience no success, you quit.  Most network marketing representatives simply give up.  Secondly, to enjoy success in ACN, you must talk to a huge number of prospects.  So, unless you have 1000 friends and family you don't mind alienating, you will need to grow your business a different way.

Targeted marketing using the tools of the internet can turn your ACN business around immediately.  You made a huge investment in a company you believe in.  Since we all know that ACN is a real company and not a scam, why would you just throw that investment away? 

Working smart with the right tools can be life changing.   

You will need to brand YOU.   Rather than using the generic company website, a personally branded website is required so that you are driving your leads to you directly.   Remember…at the end of the day, network marketing is still a "relationship" business and with the proper ads and articles, you can attract more qualified leads than you can handle.  You need to reach at least 1,000 leads to grow your team by 10 to 20 reps a week.  Use time and leverage and use the internet.

The internet is not going to go away.  Your ACN business model is dependent on the internet.  Why aren't you growing your downlines using the internet?  It only makes sense to create a marketing plan using the most powerful marketing tool available.  Imagine Facebook, Microsoft and Google helping you 24/7 to grow your ACN business? 

Yes, there is a learning curve to learn how to unleash the power of the internet on your business.  You can do it wrong and fail or you can learn about these powerful tools and achieve, quickly, the success you were only dreaming of when you joined ACN.

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