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What cars are cheaper to insure?

There's a lot of talk about auto insurance in the last couple of years. First of all, the economy has made a lot of consumers review their fixed costs and vehicle insurance is just one of those services that can cost a lot if you budget is tight. Besides, the cost of insuring a car is constantly increasing year after year. And with the new gas price records we get every day the problem of making a car less costly has become quite important for millions of Americans. There are many different ways to cut insurance costs: shopping around, getting discounts, adjusting coverage, etc. But what most people tend to forget about is that the car they drive is actually the most important factor determining insurance rates. And depending on the type of car you have there will be a huge different in the rates you'll be charged with. So, are there any special car types that can actually get you better rates than the average? Of course there are! If you want to get cheap car insurance with your vehicle you'll simply have to consider the following factors when buying a vehicle:

Cheap in repair

Auto insurance primarily deals with repair costs, covering the aftermath of the accident by paying for the repair shop services. And it's evident that the more expensive your car is to repair and the more special items it needs the more the insurance company will charge you for covering such a vehicle. That's why insuring a luxurious sports car will always be more expensive than a mid class sedan because it requires special expensive parts for the repair.

Increased safety

If the car you drive is more likely to inflict injuries to you and your passengers in the course of an accident then it will always be more expensive to insure than a car with better security ratings. Insurance companies always pay attention to how secure and safe the car is for the people in it because the insurer also pays for the medical costs. And if the car is more likely to cause serious injuries you'll certainly get higher rates. So make sure to check the safety ratings for any car you consider buying.

Low theft rates

Don't expect to get cheap car insurance if your car model is likely to be stolen. Insurance companies keep track of car theft statistics across all states and locations, so if a particular car model is stolen often in a particular area then it will be more expensive to insure it there. Usually, cars more likely to be stolen are luxury and sports vehicles that represent a particular exclusivity in the area. However, some common car models can also be in such statistics, so make sure to check the list of the most stolen models in your are in order to know which cars to avoid.

With these three factors it will be easier for you to find a vehicle that will suit your cheap car insurance needs. Otherwise, be prepared that even a relatively cheap vehicle will turn out to be costly to insure because it just doesn't fit to one of these requirements.

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