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How to Make Scrapbook Picture Frames

    • 1). Choose a photograph for your scrapbook page. You may want to place three or four photos on a standard scrapbook page (12 inches by 12 inches) in different sizes and shapes. Work on one at a time.

    • 2). Choose a template that you want to use with an opening to fit over your photo as well as a template to create the frame border. For example, if your photo is 4 inches by 6 inches, you may want to use a template with an oval opening that fits within the photo. Then choose a template that is larger than the opening to design your frame. You want to enhance the subject matter of your photograph.

    • 3). Choose scrapbook paper that will frame your photo. Lay it right side down on a work table. Lay the template on the paper and use a pen to mark the inside opening. Lay the template for the outside border on top of of the smaller opening and mark that outline. Use plain or fancy scissors to cut the opening and the outside frame.

    • 4). Secure your photo on your scrapbook page where desired.

    • 5). Spray adhesive to the back of the cut-out scrapbook paper frame and lay it over the photo carefully. Press the paper down all around the photo with your fingers to remove air bubbles. Proceed the same way with any other photos to display on the same page.

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