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Purchasing a Deck Storage Chest

Finally getting a minute to relax on the deck is sacred, so why be bothered by the thought of having to go inside to get something you wish you could store outdoors anyway? There are ways to store any items you may need outside with a wooden deck storage chest.
There are a few things to look for before purchasing a deck storage chest to ensure a durable product which will store your items safely and effectively.
Being sure the deck storage chest can really handle the outdoors is a good place to start before a purchase.
Cypress and cedar are popular woods used to make storage chests and these usually require little maintenance.
Moisture and sunlight do not affect cypress and cedar as much as other woods but it may be beneficial to purchase sealant or varnish to keep the natural colors and prevent splitting.
Researching the care instructions for the material it is made of is important because some woods are more prone to cracking, warping, and breaking than others .
Size is a very important factor.
Of course it is important to consider size because you will want to ensure that it will all fit.
Length, width, and depth are different for each deck storage chest on the market and knowing these dimensions is important not only so all of your items will fit, but also because you will want to make sure that the deck storage chest will fit properly in the space designated for it on your deck.
The length, width, and range of motion of the lid on top is necessary to keep in mind.
The lid should be able to open and close in the amount of space you give it on the deck.
The amount of weight which will be placed inside of it should be considered.
While some people like to store small things like towels and books while others like to store grill and pool equipment, some deck storage chests can hold more weight than others.
To be sure the products you place inside are not damaged, the bottom should provide ample support.
2 x 4s may be placed to support the bottom if it is prone to falling out.
Because a lot of deck storage chests can be used as extra seating, the amount of weight the lid can support is also important to consider to prevent injury.
The amount of building and care required is another important consideration when buying a deck storage chest.
Assembly can sometimes be difficult, especially because the alignment is key, especially because most of them have a lid.
Being sure you are capable of assembling the box is the key to its effectiveness in protecting your items later on.
Screws, springs, hinges, and bolts included for assembly of the deck storage chest are useful but not always dependable.
Sometimes these break easily, causing the storage chest to fall apart, so it would be a good idea to purchase extra screws, springs, hinges, and bolts before beginning assembly.
Asking employees of hardware stores or reading reviews online about the deck storage chest you are looking to purchase is a good way to get a head start.
These reviews could potentially save you a lot of money and frustration.

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