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Long-Term Effects of Having a Sympathectomy

    Resolution of hyperhidrosis

    • Sympathectomy surgery cures overly sweaty hands, feet, or underarms caused by hyperhidrosis, according to the Stanford School of Medicine.

    Resolution of other disorders

    • The Stanford School of Medicine states that sympathectomy can also cure a circulatory condition called Raynaud's phenomenon, as well as reflex sympathetic dystrophy, which the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke describes as a severe chronic pain disorder of unknown origin.

    Compensatory sweating

    • In this common complaint, the body reacts to the sympathectomy by sweating excessively in areas not usually affected by hyperhidrosis. Annals of Surgery notes a permanency rate of 67.4 percent.

    Gustatory sweating

    • Gustatory sweating causes the face to sweat when the patient eats certain foods, according to the EndSweat website. Annals of Surgery states that about half of all patients experience this condition permanently.

    Horner's syndrome

    • Horner's syndrome causes drooping eyelids and reduced facial sweating. While EndSweat describes this rare condition as temporary, Annals of Surgery reports it is permanent in 32.5% percent of cases.

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