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Homeowners Actively Seeking Home Security Choices

Gone are the days when you could leave your door unlocked night and day even while you were away from home.
Homeowners today want to keep their home secure and are looking for multiple ways to do so.
By taking just some of the simple steps outlined in this article you could potentially save thousands of dollars in the end by preventing theft in your home.
The most important step that homeowners are taking is contracting a home security provider with monitoring services to watch over their home 24 hours a day such as ADT or Brinks.
Homeowners are gravitating towards the latest technology in all of their purchases from home security to satellite television to cell phones and more.
It is no surprise that more homeowners are considering ADT Home Security with their ability to contact the Customer Monitoring Center via a cell phone tower which is not offered by Brinks.
Another advanced feature that has drawn customers is Two-Way Voice.
Two-Way Voice is an incredible feature that allows users to communicate with the monitoring center associate without using a phone.
The customer simply speaks from within the house to communicate.
Both of these advanced features are optional with ADT and not offered by Brinks.
In addition to a home security system to monitor their home there has been an increased interest in wireless driveway alarms.
These alarms and alerts can sense when a vehicle moves up to 1200 feet away from driveways, garages, barns or just about any place you can think of.
These are a great way for homeowners to be alerted when someone arrives at the home.
Some units are powerful enough to monitor your personal business location up to two miles away.
Another big hit on the security scene for homeowners are wireless security cameras.
Some kits offer digital video recorders (DVRs) that can record activity outside of your home.
Advanced kits contain multiple outdoor cameras, a DVR and a monitor for quick and easy monitoring.
When the doorbell rings homeowners can look at the monitor to see who is at the door.
To protect their families and homes environmental monitors are being installed.
These monitors can detect when a fire occurs in the home or a flood.
There are monitors that can detect the odorless, colorless carbon monoxide gas if it were to leak into your home.
These monitors can mean the difference between life and death for your family.
These monitors are available separately or they can be integrated into your ADT Home Security system as a part of the monitoring service.
This feature is not offered by Brinks.
The lure of technology is driving homeowners to seek new security options for their homes.
ADT Home Security has been keeping up with technology to provide you with the best home defense possible.

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