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It"s Time to Do a Little Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling in Austin are big endeavors, they take a huge amount of time and energy, but when they are done, the finished products is so wonderful we spend the next six months wondering why we didn't do it sooner.
The big projects we seem to get done, it's just all the little odds and ends that we procrastinate.
My husband and I went through every room in the house and made a 2 page to do list.
We next spend 2 hours in the local hardwood store and bought all the little things necessary to complete the list.
Such things as fixing closet doors, fixing the shower enclosure, here in Austin, it gets pretty humid, so we figured a shower enclosure would be better than curtains for mold.
We hung mirrors, we found a mirror store in Austin that sold simple, beautiful,reasonable priced mirrors.
We installed new curtain rods, new light fixtures in the boys room where too many basket balls had broken the old ones.
It was a great day, we got so many little things done that had been needed to be repaired for so long, our closets all now close, the shower is fixed, the lights have globes on them.
The mirrors are hung, we can now start the bathroom remodel we have been putting off until the other stuff was done.
Bathroom remodeling in Austin is a great idea with so many professionals that are experts in their field.
One work day and five years of little projects are done.
Not time to move on to the next big project.

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