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Promoting Excellent Oral Heath With Dental Implants in Sun City

Dental Implants in Sun City: Introduction

Dental implants in Sun City offer patients a comprehensive, non-removable and long-term teeth replacement solution to single and multiple missing teeth. While we would like to consider our pearly whites to be a permanent anatomical feature, they are in fact not. The inexorable marching on of the years combined with repeated exposure to damaging agents, bacteria and general wear-and-tear can result in a tooth or several teeth becoming so damaged and/or decayed, that they require replacement. What puts dental implants in Sun City a cut above traditional teeth replacement techniques is that they replace teeth from the root to the crown. In order to better understand this, let's explore the oral health benefits offered by these ingenious dental devices.

Dental Implants in Sun City: Preventing Atrophy of the Jaw Bone

Traditional teeth replacement techniques generally involve the fitting of removable partial or full dentures (or false teeth), which fit over the gums. While they enable patients to eat and look like they have a full set of teeth, they do nothing to promote the health of the underlying jaw bone. Your tooth roots provide more than just an anchor for the crown - the part that is visible above the gum line. Through the natural mechanical forces associated with eating and chewing, they stimulate blood flow to the underlying bone tissue; keeping it healthy. When a tooth falls out due to gum disease or decay and is left without replacement, the loss of this important stimulation causes the bone tissue to start atrophying. When this dying bone becomes re-absorbed by the jaw, the subsequent loss of volume results in that aged and sunken appearance we traditionally associate with the denture-wearing elderly. Dental implants in Sun City prevent this from happening entirely because they replace the source of stimulation provided by the missing tooth's root as well as the functional and aesthetic crown used for eating.

Dental Implants in Sun City: Promoting Dental Stability

Another important reason why dental implants in Sun City promote excellent oral health is that they help to provide support for the adjacent teeth. Without this, these teeth would become unstable and begin to shift in to fill the gap/s left by the missing tooth or teeth. Since every tooth in your dental arch relies upon its neighbors for support, dental implants in Sun City prevent a 'domino effect' of instability from passing from one tooth to the next. And this would require you to receive far more extensive and costly procedures to rectify in the long run!

Dental Implants in Sun City: Reducing the Risk of Infection

When a tooth or several teeth are lost, the gingival sulci (or tooth sockets) become extremely vulnerable to bacterial colonization. Because these exposed sockets are generally quite sensitive, it is difficult for you to keep them clean with brushing and flossing. They also trap bits of food, which bacteria thrive upon. Having dental implants in Sun City placed immediately after a tooth is lost to any of a variety of causes dramatically reduces your risk of contracting a bacterial infection.

Final Note

For all the reasons mentioned above, it is imperative that you seek the immediate attention of your dentist should you lose one or more of your pearly whites. Waiting or ignoring the problem only increases the extent of the damage done through bone atrophy and dental instability, as well as the risk of developing an incredibly painful abscess as a result of infection.

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