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Christian Paradigms and the Art of Following

Have you ever said, "God, I just don't understand? Why does it have to be this way?" I know I have.
That is just the frustration of a believer who knows what to believe but does not understand what God is doing.
We have God's thought (promise), and we believe it.
We are very clear on the promises but not always clear on His ways.
Being clear on the promises but not clear on His ways will cripple us in our ability to follow.
In other words we know what God has promised but we can't understand what on earth is going on in our lives.
The circumstances contradict the promises we are standing on for our lives.
When it comes to His ways, this we have to walk out.
This is the part we experience, the real life part of enduring circumstances that do not seem to be in line with the promise.
God declares the end from the beginning.
We start at the beginning and we cannot tell you what the end will be like until we get there.
Even when we get to the end we are not always sure what we are looking at.
So often for Christians we see it like this, when I get there, then I will have arrived.
God says, now that you have arrived it is time to get there.
In other words walk out the salvation you already possess, but don't walk as though you are trying to get it.
As a Christian I am learning to walk with God in such a way so that what I already possess can come to manifestation in my life.
I am not trying to make something happen.
I am learning to walk in the light of what has already happened.
The art of following is in the realization that God's way with me is designed to bring me into the manifestation of what is already mine.
Therefore I know that the circumstances that seem to threaten my destiny are, but God's opportunities to bring it to manifestation.
Gods thoughts and His ways truly are not mine.

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