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The best destination for any budding gourmet when in Hong Kong. Wet markets are where you can pick up fresh from the water seafood, meat that’s still alive and kicking as well as  enjoy some cheap and excellent canteen food.

Whether you need some apples and pears, want to see what a star fruit looks like or just need to pick up a fresh chicken or three, the wet markets of Hong Kong remain the best place to pick up fresh produce and meat.

Set in the heart of districts around the city’s wet markets are still where many Hong Kong residents still do their food shopping.

Where to find a wet market

You’ll find most wet markets have moved from their traditional location on the street and are now bunkered down in ugly concrete carbuncles that look more like a car park than a market. Inside is pure bedlam. Dozens of independent market stalls line the walls, while fish splash around on butchers blocks and keen eyed patrons pluck the choicest chickens from their cage. You’ll also find an endless selection of fresh fruit and veg and stalls bursting with colourful flowers.

Most of the meat, especially poultry and fish, is sold live and often butchered on the spot and wet markets aren’t for the faint of heart. Most stall holders won’t speak English but you will always find someone who can lend a hand in translating and many signs inside will be in English.  Prices are usually cheaper than the supermarkets and you may get a good deal on a pound of apples or a lobster when the markets close around 7pm.

Check out our pick of the best Hong Kong wet markets below

Graham Street wet market

By far the most atmospheric wet market in Hong Kong, the stalls on Graham Street have been operating since before the turn of the last century and it’s one of the few markets still set on the street. Watch as buckets of ice are swilled down the street, market traders try and career tumbling baskets of fruit up the hill while tourists snap everything in sight with their camera. If you only see one wet market make it this one. And it's in Central

Sheung Wan

More of a neighbourhood wet market that mostly attracts locals, Sheung Wan is best known for the cracking canteen inside. These serve up lighting fast dishes of noodle and rice dishes to overworked office workers for little more than the change in your pocket. Try it at lunch time for the full frantic experience of just afterwards for a more relaxing experience.

Kowloon City

The biggest and some would argue the best wet market in Hong Kong. Kowloon City is cracked with bare bones canteens that are gaining an increasing amount of praise for the quality of their food and price of their menu. Most of them do their shopping here. With Thai and Taiwanese restaurants joining the myriad of regional Chinese cuisines the market has a better selection of goods than most. 

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