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Quick Tips For Avoiding Office Desk Clutter

Almost all of us have a desk, either at work or at home.
In fact, many of us work from home.
For most of us, our desks are suppose to make work easier.
For some, though, office clutter makes it nearly impossible to even find the desk in the mess.
Here are some ways to avoid that.
First of all, get yourself the best possible desk.
Remember that a desk doesn't have to just be a flat surface.
For one thing, you can get a desk that is shaped like a U or an L.
That will make it easy to spin and access more items.
Also, remember that you can get desks with built in filing cabinets or drawers to maximize storage space.
Assuming you have an L shaped desk with filing cabinets underneath, one good plan is to put your files in the filing cabinets, put your computer on one "arm" of the desk and put office supplies, like pens and notepads, on the other side.
You can also invest in some small plastic drawers to put on the office supplies side of your desk.
Label or color code them for various items, like staples and paper clips.
Finally, the real key to keeping your desk clean is to deal with things as they come.
For instance, have appropriate bins for incoming and outgoing mail.
If someone puts something on your desk, immediately deal with it or put it in an area that you've created for items that can or should be dealt with later.
That way, you won't be overwhelmed and will always have a clean and efficient work surface.

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