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Columbus Statue Barcelona

The Spanish claim Columbus for themselves, the Italians (and most historians) disagree. But what is indisputable is that Spain and Columbus's destinies were inextricably linked and that Barcelona, as the city where Columbus discussed his findings after his voyage to the New World with the queen, was an important stage for this relationship.

The statue of Columbus (known as Colon in Spanish and Colom in Catalan) commemorates this fact.

An important landmark for visitors to Barceloneta looking for Las Ramblas, you might be surprised to learn that this long thin column actually contains an elevator and look-out point!

I didn't believe it until I saw the door, but it's true. And, though the cramped space is not for the claustrophobic, it is the best view of Barcelona that I've seen. The view from Montjuic or La Sagrada Familia may be higher, but that is to their disadvantage - the Columbus statue gives you an excellent view of Barcelona's most famous sights while remaining close enough to the ground that people and buildings are still recognizable.

Columbus Statue Essential Info

Address: Bottom of the Ramblas (by the port)
Entry Fee: About 3€.
Nearest Metro: Drassanes. Read more about the Barcelona Metro.

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