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Getting Your Ex Back Means Mastering These Two Behaviors

Did you know that if you can get a handle on your emotions after a breakup, you've got a very good chance of getting your ex back? However, very few of us are actually able to do that.
In fact, otherwise rational, sane individuals are often reduced to desperation, neediness, and anxiety after getting dumped.
Why is that? Well, the reason our emotions run so high is because one minute our lives are perfect, and the next, complete devastation as we are forced to throw away everything we loved for a life of uncertainty.
It's hard to accept this kind of loss, and it's hard to suppress those strong feelings we still have.
So, if you're going a little crazy at the moment, try to take comfort in the fact that most of us go through it at some point.
The main thing now is to try and get control of things before you can do any real damage.
Two of the most damaging behaviors after a breakup are desperation and anger.
Desperation includes any form of begging and pleading.
A good example of this is someone who continuously contacts their ex by various means (text messaging, cell phone, e-mail).
Anger is normally something that happens after everything else has failed.
If you lose your temper and say something unforgettable, it's pretty much game over.
If you are an impatient person, you may have a hard time looking forward.
But you have to realize that nothing is going to happen today.
No matter what you say or do, time is needed if you want to get your ex back.
So, if you're able to get a handle on these two negative emotions, you've got a very good chance of reconciling in the future.
In fact, if all you did right now was promise yourself not to give in to this kind of thing, you'd be much further ahead than the average person who has suffered a breakup.
You can conquer this negativity - it's just a matter of learning self-control.
If you need an incentive, think of spending the rest of your life with your soul-mate.
Isn't that worth fighting for?

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