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A Guide to Keeping Your Discus Tanks Clean

Discus Tanks are the essential homes for your discus fish and you would like to make certain that it really is the ideal environment for them.
Before you go to the store and purchase your fish or buy them online, it is time to take a look at what you need for the excellent discus aquarium life for your discus fish.
Discus Fish are extremely delicate fish and you should make sure that you simply have your discus tanks set up correctly.
You might have heard people say that you simply ought to not attempt to purchase and breed discus fish should you be a beginner due to the fact they can quickly become ill and die.
Most discus fish become ill simply because discus tanks are set up wrong from the commence and you do not give your fish a fighting chance.
When you set up your aquarium, you have to know exactly the best way to appropriately maintain and setup your tank.
One of the most important issues are the temperature, pH levels and finding rid of heavy metals and ammonia if they are present.
Discus Tanks - Size do Matter Discus Fish can grow to a huge size and they want adequate room in their discus tanks.
They're sociable fish and they do properly when purchased in groups of at least 6.
In order for them to swim freely and grow they need to be in a minimum of at the minimum a 40 gallon tank.
Discus Tanks - Optimal Water Levels Discus are some high maintenance fish.
They must have clean water which will require you to change out 25% of the discus tanks water a minimum of two times a week.
Uneaten food and waste can trigger bacteria within the water and you should make sure that it is discarded from the tank.
You should purchase a heater and terminator for your tank and make certain that the temperature stays around 82-86 degrees Fahrenheit at all times.
Discus fish are quite sensitive and you need to ensure that the pH levels stay between five.
5 -7 for optimal levels.
The optimal level for pH levels is six.
Should you follow this, you'll have the perfect living conditions inside your discus tanks.
Discus Tanks - What should I put In the Tank? As a discus owner, you may notice that they eat a lot and create a great deal of waste.
Uneaten food and waste can get trapped within the tank when there's a lot of ornaments.
This is can cause unclean water.
Unclean discus tanks will be the number one trigger of discus illness and diseases.
Should you be a beginner I recommend that you simply go with a bare bottom tank.
I would incorporate some plants due to the fact they are shy fish and they do like to hide.
Bare bottom discus tanks is also great once you are ready to begin breeding.
If your tank is bare at the bottom, cleaning out the tank will be a breeze for you.
With most bare bottom tanks you could use an air stone and sponge filter for filtration of the tank.
Should you do determine to add ornaments to your tank, a good way to maintain the bottom clean is to purchase a bottom feeder which will eat any food buy your discus.
You'll be able to put driftwood and rocks into the tank.
It is possible to also put a thin layer of gravel at the bottom.
Yes, your discus fish are high maintenance but in case you get a routine, it is going to not be a difficulty at all for you.
In the event you do not have the time and desire to have discus fish, do a bare bottom tank simply because it'll be simple for you to preserve discus tanks.

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