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What Is Best for Cleaning Enamel Sinks?

    General Cleaning

    • For general cleaning, a solution of warm water and dish washing liquid works well. Baking soda removes soap scum and heavy dirt. Homeowners should scrub with a soft scrub brush and rinse with warm, clean water.

    Stains or Heavy Soil

    • Homeowners may use a soft abrasive cleaner, such as a liquid cleaner, hydrogen peroxide or chlorine bleach, to remove stains. Dilute bleach and hydrogen peroxide with water and rinse thoroughly. Ammonia is also used to remove grease or soap scum. Never mix ammonia with other cleaners.


    • Acids, including muriatic acid and even vinegar and citrus juice, cause etching on enamel sinks. Homeowners should rinse away these materials immediately to avoid permanent damage.

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