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Whitewater Rapid Rafting in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic has always been known as wonderful windsurfing spot.
But windsurfing is not the only popular activity in the area.
Whitewater rafting is another favorite activity not only of locals but also of tourists.
To get to the best whitewater rafting areas, you need to fly into Santo Domingo or Puerto Plata.
Jarabacoa is the one of the best places to go for Dominican rafting and kayak adventures.
Here, you will find the most famous whitewater in the country, which is called the Rio Yaque.
This is also the Caribbean's longest river.
Many people enjoy doing this activity in the Rio Yaque not only because of the exciting rapids but also because of the friendly and efficient instructors and guides that would help you make the most out of your adventure.
If the rush you get from the white water rafting activity is not enough for you, climb up the cliff and jump 30 feet into the river.
Jarabacoa is not only limited to rafting and kayaking.
You can also enjoy other kinds of outdoor sports and activities such as hiking, horseback riding, waterfall climbing, mountain climbing, and so many more.
Mountain climbing is always a thrilling experience especially if you're going to climb Pico Duarte, which happens to be the Caribbean's second highest peak.
Whitewater rafting outfitters provide raft and kayak rentals.
Equipment, devices, and gear are also available for rent.
Whether you're a novice paddler or a seasoned one, you will find the various challenges you will encounter in this country worthy of your time.

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