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Tips For Cleaning Mold in Bathroom Areas

Cleaning mold in bathroom areas seems to be the norm for many homeowners.
Mold grows and thrives in areas that are warm, damp, wet, and dark which basically describes almost every bathroom.
Bathrooms that are well ventilated seem to fair better because they are more likely to be dry most of the time.
Moisture can however, still settle in cracks or crevices on the tiles and grout.
Check in and around the toilet, shower stall, tub, and sink area.
You should also check the window and mirror area.
If you have mildew and mold stains on your tiling or grout, it is likely that it is also in other areas within the space so always do a thorough check when you are cleaning your bathroom.
Most people simply wipe off mold stains and rinse the area but that does not necessarily mean that the mold fungus is gone.
There are a few ways in which you can remove the stains while also killing the fungus so that it does not immediately grow back.
The market is full of products that promise miracles when it comes to removing stains from mold, mildew, or lime scale.
You can however, successfully remove most of the stains with simple household solutions like vinegar or baking soda.
Baking soda does an excellent job especially with white tiling and grouting.
Vinegar may not be the best smelling solution but it does also work.
Other household cleaners like Soft Scrub, Tilex, Mr.
Clean, and Lysol also work well.
If you find that the stains are coming back way too quickly, then you may not be killing the fungus with your normal cleaning routine.
Bleach is an excellent solution for cleaning, disinfecting, and killing fungus or bacteria growing in your bathroom.
If you do choose to use a bleach based product, make sure you do not bleach colored grouting because the bleach is powerful enough to discolor the finish.
When use any kind of cleaning product make sure you follow all of the recommended application and handling instructions fully.
Some products require the use of gloves, protective eyewear, or a mask because of the chemical content.
Commercial grade products are especially dangerous and should only be handled by a trained individual.
If your mold problem is extreme, you should definitely hire a mold removal company.
Such companies are accustomed to dealing with mold growth from floods, fires, leaks, and other natural disasters.
Cleaning mold in bathroom, kitchen, or other areas of the home is in most cases very time and labor consuming.
If you suffer from respiratory problems such as allergies, you should definitely hire a professional because handling mold can also be very dangerous for your health.

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