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High-Quality Futon Mattresses and Frames

Futon furniture is truly incomplete and meaningless if you don't go in for the right mattress and frame.
If you are inclined to wholeheartedly agree with this statement, then Ellen's is the online outlet to opt for.
Our frames and mattresses, just like our covers, beds, and décor accessories, come in a variety of colors, styles, shapes, and sizes.
As the largest provider of frames in the USA, Ellen's has in its collection more than sixty different styles of frames.
These are varied in color, design, style, and concept.
Be it mahogany, medium oak, cherry, rosewood, honey, or any other finishing touch, Ellen's is sure to have just the shade you desire.
Made of solid wood and metal, our frames are definitely durable, so customers need not worry about quality when it comes to shopping online at Ellen's.
In fact, many of our customers cannot contain their surprise when they receive their products - it's not often that they pay so little to get merchandise so classy! We're so confident about the quality of our frames that we also provide a five-year guarantee on each of them.
Futon was a Japanese invention that the West improvised upon to suit specific lifestyles.
Originally, futon was only synonymous with the mattress -- it was all about sleeping on a mattress that was laid out on the floor.
These were made with cotton.
Since then, the futon mattress has come a long way.
Nowadays, futon mattresses are stuffed with lighter materials that last longer and don't sag after use.
Our fine collection of mattress also takes into consideration the best of techniques.
Just as versatile as our frames, our selection of mattresses comprises more than six different types of cushioning technology to choose from.
These are all unique and set apart from the other in terms of spring setting, thickness, elasticity, layering, and firmness.
Made of fiber processing and hickory, our mattresses epitomize comfort as well as class.
Just in case you are still not convinced about the quality of our mattresses, we provide unmatched guarantees on them - from a minimum of five years to as much as 10-year warranties! These include the provision of spare parts and hardware too, so if you've lost a part of your futon, worry not! Ellen's Futon likes to put their money where their mouths are - and our money is spent on raising customer satisfaction to the max.

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