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Secrets to Dating Success Review - Does It Work?

They say that men have the upper hand when it comes to starting a relationship because they can make the first move, a deed which some women today still cannot pull off without giving the wrong impression. But despite this advantage, some men are still single. Jake Vandenhoff, certified dating coach and relationship counselor, advises men on how to get the girl of their dreams.

In his self-titled website, Vandenhoff tackles different dating issues that most men encounter at some point:
  • There are men who cannot seem to get it right on the first date. They may be too nervous or overly excited; either way, it turns women off. Jake Vandenhoff advises these Romeos to chill and always plan their first romantic encounters with their prospective girlfriends. He also tells them to take charge and not be "an asexual sissy." They must learn to gauge the girl's mood to see if it is all right to go for that first kiss or, better yet, the homerun.
  • There are those who commit loads of online dating faux pas. In his article Online Dating – Is There Such a Thing as Being Too Bold?, Vandenhoff shares an e-mail sent to him by his client "Chuck," who said that one of his tips for online dating failed. Instead of getting the girl's interest, the poor guy just got the cold shoulder. After reading the e-mail that "Chuck" sent, Vandenhoff concluded that his desperate tone failed him because he ended his message with the following sentence: "How soon can we meet up?" This is a big no-no for this dating guru. Guys should be aiming for casual with sexy potential, rather than a lost cause.
  • There are aspiring Cassanovas who have unrealistic expectations. They haven't even experienced their first kiss or first lay, but they are trying to reach for the stars by looking for girls who have the potential to be Victoria's Secret models. According to Vandenhoff, these guys have to manage their expectations. In fact, Plain Janes, who may not be head-turners, can turn out to be good conversationalists and, surprisingly, extraordinary bedmates. So, relationship first-timers do not need to look further than the girl-next-door.

Jake Vandenhoff has proven that it is possible for any type of man to get their ideal type of girl. With a little help from his e-book and online course, all the guys in America can find love on the net and in real life.

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