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Breast Reconstruction: Emotional and Psychological Impacts

For a woman nothing is more disastrous than being diagnosed with breast cancer. Every one of us have seen or met one of our dear and near ones fights with this monster of breast cancer. Mastectomy following successful completion of the treatment of breast cancer is essential. However, whether to remove entire breast or a part of it depends on how much the cancer has affected the breast.

In some cases, the cancer is so deeply rooted that there is no other choice than to remove the entire breast. In other cases, flap surgery can take care of the effected part of the breast. Some part of the healthy tissue is borrowed from healthy part of the body. The breast is reconstructed with the help of this tissue.

Plastic Surgery and Breast Reconstruction:

It is believed that plastic surgery is all about vanity, beauty and fashion. However, while talking about all this people forget one of the greatest parts of plastic surgery, that is reconstruction surgery. If you still under estimate the great field of plastic surgery just ask any women who have had her feminine beauty back with the help of reconstruction surgery. She will tell you how plastic surgery is a life saving process.

Emotional and Psychological Trauma:

One cannot understand how unbearable it is to suffer emotional and psychological trauma. For women it is exactly like losing a limb. If we put an eye on life of real women we will find many inspirational stories. Katherine, Kelly, Isabel, and Mona whatever the name you give her, it's all same. There is a hole left after surgery. The cancer is gone, but along with it her confidence and self pride are also gone.

She cannot go to pool with her kids, she fear exposing her body even to her husband. Every time when she changes cloth in front of the mirror, the loss is unbearable. She feels herself incomplete.

Women Refuse/Hesitate to Have Reconstruction:

Despite of all the emotional and psychological trauma, most of the women refuse to go through the process of surgical reconstruction of their breast. The reasons vary. She feels that she will not overburden her family. She feels that her family has already suffered so much due to her that putting extra pressure will be unjust. What she neglects during all this is her own desire of being complete.

Some women are even guilty and feel ashamed of a reconstruction surgery. In such conditions, near and dear ones come to rescue her from mental and emotional trauma. All of the family members, specially husband and children have to play a very crucial part.

Federal Government Provides Insurance:

Keeping in mind physical, psychological and emotional needs of women, Federal Government made it mandatory to cover breast reconstruction in health insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid. This new law was introduced in 1998. In mastectomy, main focus of the surgery is to cut the cancer out of the body. It is not a procedure of surviving cancer. Instead, it is a battle with cancer that the women have to win, no matter what the consequences are.

The Federal Law also made it mandatory to include minor surgical changes on the other breast so that both sides look symmetrical.

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