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How to Install XP Home Over XP Pro

    • 1). Back up XP Professional settings by loading the "Files and Settings Transfer Wizard" found in "System Tools" in the "Accessories" part of the "Start Menu."

    • 2). Follow the instructions indicated on the wizard and back up any other personal files and software by copying them to another partition, external drive or optical disc.

    • 3). Insert the Windows XP Home installation disc in the drive and restart your computer. The Windows XP Home setup should load upon boot.

    • 4). When you run into the screen where you have to choose an installation partition, select the drive where your Windows XP Professional is installed (usually C:).

    • 5). Select the "Format the partition using the NTFS file system (Quick)" option to wipe the partition clean (See Warnings). Follow the wizard after the system reboots and choose "New Installation" for the "Installation Type." Progress through the wizard and choose any desired options and wait for the setup to complete.

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