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Instructions for Apex DVD Player

    Hooking It Up

    • Hooking an Apex DVD player up to your TV is as simple as hooking color-coded cables, which are supplied with the player, to the color-coded ports on your TV. Run the yellow video cable from the back of the player to the yellow video input on your TV. This input can be on the front or back of your TV depending on the model. Do the same thing with the red and white audio cables. After you've connected all of the cables, tune your TV through all of the channels to see which one will be the channel for your DVD player. The channel will likely be a "Video" channel or an "Input" channel. You can increase video quality by hooking the player up with a S-Video cable or component cables if your TV supports them.

    Turning It On

    • There are two ways to turn on an Apex DVD player -- on the player itself or with the remote control. To turn on the Apex AD-1165 manually, locate and push the power button on the DVD player. This button is located on the front of the unit on the left hand side. To turn the unit on using the remote control, simply press the power button located in the top left hand corner of the remote control.

    Playing a DVD

    • To load a DVD into the player you can again use the remote control or the buttons on the front of the player to open the DVD tray. On the AD-1165 the eject button is located on the right hand side. In that corner there are three buttons on top, the eject button is the inside button. The eject button on the remote control the eject button is in the top right hand corner, next to the power button. When the tray ejects, place the DVD with the label facing up into the player and press the eject button. After the DVD player reads the disc and it goes to the main DVD screen, press the play button -- directly to the right of the eject button -- on the AD-1165 or press the "Enter/Play" key on the remote control. This button is located near the bottom of the remote and is surrounded by four arrow keys.

    Other Controls

    • Both the remote control and the AD-1165 itself have a number of other basic -- yet important -- buttons on them. In addition to power, play and eject buttons, the player itself allows you to go forward, go backward, skip to the next scene or go back to the previous scene. These buttons are located on the front of the player on the right side, below the play and eject buttons. These options are also available on the remote control and are all located below the play button. At the bottom of the remote control on the left hand side are a pause button and the skip forward and backward buttons. ON the right hand side are the stop button, and the reverse and forward buttons, which are comparable to rewind and fast forward on a VCR.

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