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Activities in Cozumel, Mexico

    Water Activities

    • Most of Cozumel's commerce comes from tourism. Most tourists come to Cozumel to either go snorkeling, scuba diving or fishing.


    • Cozumel is a popular destination for cruises to stop and allow guests to shop. Cuban cigars, jewelry and tequila are popular items for sale.

    Festival of El Cedral

    • A festival is held in the town of El Cedral each April which honors the Holy Cross. The festival lasts for five days and features music, bullfights, rodeos and a feast.

    Chankanaab Park

    • Chankanaab Park has the only inland reef in the world. It also features a place where guests can swim with dolphins, sea lion shows and a botanical garden.

    Punta Sur Light House

    • Punta Sur Light House sits on a 247 ecological preserve. Beyond tours of the namesake lighthouse, guests can also see iguanas and giant turtles, which come ashore in the summer to lay their eggs.

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