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Introducing a New Look with Iron Hardware

Iron hardware is a wonderful way to introduce new designs into different rooms in your home or restore antique furniture to authenticate the look. Iron hardware has been popular for all types of architectural elements since the Middle Ages and is an extremely heavy duty material that will last a lifetime.

It has a range of home functions, from wall brackets and cabinet knobs to ring pulls and drawer slides. Iron hardware can be used all over your home, from the front door to kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. Your front door may be made from iron hardware, with traditional designs available to create a sense of old world elegance or sleek modern entries that complement a contemporary home. Iron hardware door handles are available, including black handles that are ideal for traditional homes and cabins.

You can mark the outside of your home with an iron house number, made from wrought iron with a powder coat finish. As we walk inside the home, we can find many more uses for iron hardware. Wrought iron cabinet hardware is ideal for the kitchen. From drawer pulls to knobs, cup pulls, ring pulls, hinges and draw slides, there are a variety of iron hardware items that can be used in the kitchen to authenticate the look you are trying to achieve.

In the bedroom, we find a hand forted iron bed and bedroom dressers that feature iron trim and drawer handles. You can also use iron hardware for bedroom window treatments. Look for something that works with the windows, framing and blending with the room's lighting.

In the dining room, you can sit on wrought iron dining chairs around a flat iron dining table.

In the bathroom, wrought iron hardware accents the look, with iron towel bars, brackets, candle holders, shower curtain rods and bathroom mirror trim creating an accented look.

As you can see, iron hardware accentuates every room in the house. If you're refurbishing an antique home or designing a modern residence, it can play a central role in your design plans. If you have a piece of antique furniture you can also restore it with iron hardware. If you go with contemporary hardware the piece might look cheap but if you use iron hardware it authentically replicates the look.

You can find makers of reproduction iron hardware that employ period styles, techniques and tools to utilize the strength of iron hardware and accurately reflect the look you seek to design your home and restore your antique furniture.

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