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Dirty iTunes Track Cleanup

One of the most popular digital music players is iTunes. Tailor made for digital music formats like mp3, wav and many more, the application has been a favourite of music lovers all across the globe. Here are some reasons why everybody loves iTunes:

1. It can play almost all digital music formats.
2. The cover flow looks awesome.
3. You can synchronize other Apple devices like iPods and iPhones using iTunes

Now, here are some reasons why using iTunes is a drag:

1. It can't play all audio files.
2. iTunes sometimes displays duplicate songs.
3. It cannot automatically update mp3 tags; that is why downloaded tracks or songs from ripped CDs go by the title "Track 01" and so on.

Now, with the problems mentioned above, specifically iTunes track cleanup, the answer to your "track 01"s can be either automated or done manually. It's like choosing to do it the easy way or the hard way. Cleaning up your iTunes music library can give you the satisfaction of a cool cover flow and the right information about the music tracks in your library. You also don't have to skip tracks in case duplicate tracks play subsequently. You might think, "Maybe I can do this by myself, all I have to do is type in the right title and song details, and look for the album artwork myself." But have you realized that this can be a tedious task, especially if you have a very large music library? Doing things your way can lead to hours of searching for song details and album artwork, hunting this and that information for a single song, and then you will proceed to the next. You are not only wasting your time, but you are also exhausting yourself.

So, what can you do to clean up your iTunes? The most practical answer to download and install a reliable software that will do the clean up job for you. Most of them are free to download and you can try them for a limited time period. So what features should you look out for?

  • Deletes duplicates automatically (meaning you won't have to click this and that everytime)

  • Searches for missing mp3 tags and fills them in

  • Corrects misspelled tags

  • Has a reasonable price

  • Now, what else are the benefits of a clean iTunes library? First, organizing files will be easier. You can also categorize tracks in a breeze, for example, if you want to play songs by a single artist, or if you want to play a specific genre. You can also avoid downloading or buying duplicate tracks because you are not misled by tracks titles "Track 01" or Unknown artists. An organized iTunes library complete with album artwork is also an eye candy, and others might envy your neat music library and ask you how you cleaned up your iTunes. Above all, you will definitely have the best music experience every time you launch iTunes to play your favorite songs.

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