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Who Would Lie About An Injury and Make a False Compensation Injury Claim?

Surprisingly some people do make false claims for personal injury compensation and as well as being morally wrong, this is also a criminal offence. If people are dishonest about an injury they may be exposed. Insurance companies such as Allianz and Work Cover take fraudulent claims very seriously. There are investigators who are specifically hired to prevent fraud and rigorously pursue the investigation of suspect activities as they are employed to test the validity of claims. A definition of fraud is: €obtaining by deception or dishonest means money or any other benefit'.

Here are some typical examples of fraudulent workers compensation claims;-

An injury that did not occur in the first place

Sometimes a work injury is reported that never occurred. A story of an injury occurring is made up in order to get time off work and workplace injury compensation Canberra benefits

An injury that was not related to the work place or suffered whilst working

Sometimes if an injury is sustained elsewhere and the worker claims it happened at work this is an example of a false claim.

Claiming work compensation whilst receiving another type of income and not reporting it

It is important for workers on work compensation to report any income to their claim officer.

A false or amended doctor's medical certificate to obtain injury compensation benefits

Messing with a medical certificate is illegal.

Engaging in activities that contradict a medical report or medical certificate

If a worker has made a claim for an injured back and is seen doing things the medical report say they cannot do then this could be exposed as contradicting the medical report. The worker could be considered to not have compensable as per compensation lawyers Canberra.

Exaggeration of an injury, disability or incapacity

An employee may make a claim for an alleged leg or back injury sustained in an apparent €slip, trip or fall at work'. An Investigation of the matter shows that the claimant is, in fact, working on a building site for another company and shows no sign of the injury having been suffered.

When it comes to the law honesty is the best policy as fraudulent claims are often exposed. It is difficult to determine €negligence' in many cases and negligence can only be determined by a work injury lawyers in Canberra. If you have suffered an injury, or know someone else who has suffered an injury and need advice contact the Compensation Injury Helpline for free legal advice.

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