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How to Locate Her G-Spot! A Stunningly Simple Technique Which Will Help You Hit Her G Spot Instantly

Girls are capable of having multiple orgasms and they don't have to recharge themselves after having one like men.
The love button or clitoris is a visible part of the woman's vagina and the other one which lies inside the vagina is the G-spot.
Girls get aroused with clitoral stimulation and can an orgasm; however you need to know the exact location of the G-spot to give her multiple orgasms.
The G-spot needs a stronger stimulation than the clitoris and if you are able to find it your girl will truly have such a mind blowing orgasm that she will beg for more.
But first you need to locate this wonderful, super sensitive area of her vagina.
First get into a comfortable position, one good position is with your girl sitting on a large comfortable chair facing you with her legs spread wide as you sit on the floor.
This position gives your mouth and fingers easy access to her love nest.
It is important that when you are in this position you do not rush and start fingering her right away.
Instead start with your tongue and stimulate the outer walls of her vagina, slowly move towards the clitoris and tease it with your tongue, your girl's reaction will tell if you are doing it right.
Once she is sufficiently wet with the stimulation insert one finger and start stimulating the inner walls.
Insert one more finger and apply a slight pressure feeling the vaginal walls as you go slightly deeper.
Gently feel and press your fingers against the front wall of her vagina about an inch or so and start making "come here" motions with your middle finger.
You will have to feel for an area that has a different texture and one which is similar to the roof of your mouth just behind your teeth.
This area will feel swollen and it may lie anywhere from 1.
5 to 3 inches inside the vagina.
Once you have hit this area you start pressing, rubbing gently or making "come here" motions with your fingers.
It will be worthwhile if you stimulate her love button with your tongue.
Continue doing this till you bring her to an earth shattering orgasm.

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