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Garage Door Maintenance - Some Indispensable Tips to Remember

Things do not end with buying and installing a new garage door.
The thing is, it require proper care and maintenance for them to retain their top quality and condition.
In fact, even if you purchased a topnotch brand and a heavy-duty material, it is still a must that you do the right things to care for your garage door.
Here are some tips on door maintenance that will help you keep the door looking and working like it is brand new.
Wipe with a clean cloth regularly.
Doing this once a month is good enough.
This should be done to prevent damage such as rusting that is usually caused by foreign matter adhering to the surface of the door.
For stubborn stains and debris, dip the cloth in a mild household detergent diluted with water.
Do not scrub the surface of the door with a rough material as it may leave unsightly scratches.
Apply car wax on the garage door.
This is to help the surface repel dirt and keep its moisture.
Of course, this would have to depend on the material of the garage door.
Check out the manual first before doing this tip.
Wooden garage doors, for example, may require a different solution.
Check the door for any signs of defect or broken components.
Inspect the parts of the door such as the rubber astragal, opening mechanism, bracket button, hinges, steel rollers, and so on.
Lubricate the moving parts with light household oil or a lubricant specifically designed for this purpose.
Have a professional repair your garage if you detect any signs of malfunction or broken parts.
It is not safe to leave your garage door like that when you already know that there is something wrong with it.
Have it repaired immediately to prevent any injuries.
Test the safety reverse mechanism of the door at least once a month.
This safety reverse mechanism ensures that when something blocks the door, it would reverse back to the open position to prevent injuries and even death.
Test this mechanism by blocking the door with an item like a roll of paper towels.
If it does not revert back to its original opening position and ends up crushing the paper towels, the door needs to be re-adjusted or fixed immediately.
Tighten screws and nuts on bolts twice a year.
See to it that the slide lock is not extended past the end stile of the door in its unlocked position.
See if the door opens and closes with no difficulty.
It should flow smoothly.
If something seems stuck, check out what is wrong and have it repaired as soon as possible.
Aside from proper care and maintenance of the garage door, it is also a must that you give the garage area a good revamp so it would look nice and wonderful.
Clean up any clutter, paint the walls with a new color, and organize the tools and items-these are just few of the many things you can do to give your garage a makeover.

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