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Swimming Pool Shapes & Sizes

    In-ground Pools

    • In-ground swimming pools come in standard and custom sizes and shapes, depending on the pool material. For example, rectangular in-ground swimming pools typically run from 15 by 30 feet all the way up to 20 by 40 feet. With kidney-shaped swimming pools, a size of 16 by 32 feet with an 8-foot depth is typical. Figure-8 swimming pools are also available in a wide variety of sizes, with 17 by 32 feet being a commonly selected size.

    Above-ground Pools

    • Above-ground pools commonly come in oval and round shapes, though rectangular shapes work well with larger models. For example, one manufacturer offers a 16-by-32-foot metal-frame swimming pool 52 inches deep. Round above-ground swimming pools are the easiest to install, and diameters range from 15 to 30 feet. Many above-ground pools feature 48- to 52-inch depths, though variable-depth pools featuring a deeper middle can be purchased.

    Concrete Pools

    • Wet concrete or gunite (also called "shotcrete") is malleable, so a concrete in-ground swimming pool can be made into any size or shape you'd like. A concrete in-ground swimming pool, however, also takes the longest to install. Custom swimming pools made of concrete can cost a lot, too. If you'd like a concrete pool but have cost concerns, go with a concrete pool package setup in a standard shape and depth.


    • Fiberglass in-ground swimming pools are generally limited to no more than 8 feet in depth. Also, because of over-the-road shipping restrictions, fiberglass in-ground pool liners are limited to 16-foot widths. For vinyl-liner in-ground swimming pools, however, a custom liner can be made in any shape, width or depth. Vinyl-liner in-ground swimming pools are also less expensive than fiberglass and concrete pools. Keep in mind, though, that the initial price of any pool will increase if options and upgrades are added.

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