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How to Install Bath Ceiling Tiles

    • 1). Determine the type and size of tiles you want to use on the ceiling. The standard size for most tiles is 12" by 12".

    • 2). Measure the width and length and of the ceiling and multiply them together to find the square footage. Divide this number by 12 to determine how many tiles you will need.

    • 3). Transfer the width and length measurements to the backer board or underlayment and mark where it will need to be cut. Use a straight edge to connect the marks on the backer board.

    • 4). Cut the underlayment to size according to your marks using a circular saw.

    • 5). Secure the underlayment to the ceiling with drywall screws using a power drill. Make sure you are placing the screw into a ceiling joist. The ceiling joists are horizontal beams, set parallel, that span the width of your house.

    • 6). Mark a line with a chalk along one side of the ceiling to indicate the location of the border tiles. The chalk line should extend out from the wall the width of the tile, such as 12".

    • 7). Apply construction adhesive to the back of the tile. Adhesive should be placed in each corner and then in the middle of the tile.

    • 8). Place the tile in position and make sure the groove edge is facing outwards. The tongue of the next tile will be placed in the groove of the border tile. Press firmly to make sure the adhesive will properly bond with the underlayment.

    • 9). Repeat this process with the rest of the tiles.

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