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Discover Why Edinburgh is a Perfect Wedding Location

Choosing Edinburgh for your wedding Scotland is renowned the world over for its picturesque landscapes, ancient landmarks, famous lochs, and historical castles.
It is one of the most romantic countries for tying the knot, attracting couples from all countries and cultures.
As Scotland's capital, Edinburgh weddings are increasingly popular due to the history and diversity of the city.
Edinburgh is steeped in culture and history and has venues to accommodate almost every taste.
Edinburgh's famous venue Edinburgh has many venues but the most famous is Edinburgh Castle.
It is actually one of the most popular tourist attractions in the UK, and is an iconic wedding venue for those with expensive tastes.
The castle is built on an extinct volcano and dominates the skyline of city centre.
Excavation of the volcano has revealed Bronze Age activity dating back nearly 3000 years.
Edinburgh Castle is Scotland's most famous landmark and has a unique blend of history, Celtic tradition and spectacular views of the city.
Humanist weddings Humanist weddings are legally recognised in Edinburgh, and Scotland is one of only six countries in the world where this type of marriage can be legally conducted.
The ceremonies can be held anywhere 'safe and dignified', but must be conducted by an authorised Celebrant.
Wedding can take place on lochs and beaches, castles, and even people's gardens if they want! Humanist weddings are unique due to the personal interpretation of the ceremonies based on what feels right for the couple getting married.
The couple is free to choose the location, music, any readings, and the wording of their vows.
Edinburgh is a popular setting for humanist weddings.
Tying the knot Tying the knot is a term used for 'getting hitched', but it's actually a ritual performed in many cultures and involves tying a knot with a rope or cloth.
There are many theories to its origins and it's thoroughly steeped in mystery which is part of the appeal.
The 'handfast' ceremony is popular in Scotland and involves the bride and groom holding hands and having them tied together by the celebrant.
Vows are exchanged with the hands firmly tied.
Edinburgh wedding photographers If you are getting married in Edinburgh you will require the services of a wedding photographer.
Edinburgh heralds as the wedding photographers hub for Scotland, no doubt because for a wedding photographer Edinburgh provides a stunning and iconic backdrop.
Finding reputable and established Edinburgh wedding photographers is not difficult in the diverse city but early booking is strongly recommended due to the long term nature of wedding planning.
This should come as no surprise considering Edinburgh is one of the most popular wedding locations in the world!

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