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Rajasthan Vacations in India

Planning for a tour to a culturally rich heritage destination where excitement never ends. Then nothing can surpass an enthralling trip to Rajasthan in India, a much desired monumental heritage tourist destination. Imbue yourself in a myriad of pervading hues of history, culture and heritage in Rajasthan. Rajasthan is the land of royalty, a shimmering jewel set in the golden sands of a barren deserts landscape. The light that reflects off the golden sands engulfs a land renowned for its vibrant colors, people in bright clothes and beautiful jewelry, living in cities dotted and dominated by towering forts and palace that rise from the sands like mirage. It is among the richest states in the country as far as handicrafts are concerned.

Explore its famous destinations embellished with beautiful havelis, sand dunes, wildlife, temples, fort and palaces. Jaipur 'the Pink city', Jaisalmer 'desert destination of Thar', Udaipur 'the Lake city of Rajasthan', Ajmer 'The Sufi Capital With A Rosy Odor', Jodhpur ' Jewel of Marwar or Blue City of Rajasthan' Bikaner 'Sweetness in Sands' Mount Abu ' a gateway to chilling Rajasthan' and many other cities of Rajasthan are just awesome by the charm and royalty they possess. You will get to experience royalty and grandeur in the erstwhile land of Rajas and Maharajas where every niche will leave you spell-bind.

Rajasthan is more than a cultural heritage. For adventure enthusiasts it offers Camel Safari, Jeep Safari, Desert Safari, Jungle Safari, Elephant Safari, Saddled Cruise, Sand dune Camping, Air balloning. Ahh! A lot many. If fond of encountering Wildlife, visit the National Parks and Wildlife Life Sanctuaries of Ranthambore, Sariska, Bharatpur, Keoladeo and Sambhar to see the untamed beasts and docile birds at their best in the natural environs.

Trip to Rajasthan will take to the land of adept craftsmanship. Witness the most intricate and interesting result of garment designing, the tie-and-dye, a vibrant style of coloring a fabric and block printing- printing done with wooden blocks on which incisions form the elemental design, live in front of your eyes. A shopping freak! Buy vivid colored 'odhini' , 'ghagra choli' for yourself. Adorn yourself

with the jewelery pieces of precious, semi precious stones, antique silver and kundan. Bangles of Lak made here are also worth picking. Hmm! You look good.

Rajasthan is a culinary paradise. Being an arid terrain the climate doe snot allow many crops to grow. Most of the cuisine in Rajasthan is carried forward from generation to another. Dal Bati Churma, Gatta Ki Sabzi, Mangodi, Bajra Ki Roti, Mirch Pakodi And Varoius Chutneys And Papads are few to name. Some of the dishes are city specific like Mawa Kachori from Jodhpur, Malpuas from Pushkar, Rasogullas from Bikaner, Ghevar from Jaipur. The food here is quite spicy and served with lot of spices.

The Cultural Fiesta of Rajasthan is replete with dance, music and fairs and festivals. Without these Rajasthan will be as dry as the sands. The fair and festivals add the shades of dynamic at the backdrop of silvery sands. Most of the cities in Rajasthan have their own fairs and festivals. You will not like to miss the exquisite and exclusive Palace On Wheels in Rajasthan. It cruises along in a royal style, the kind only the Maharajas of yesteryears could have perpetuated and enjoyed.

So come to explore Rajasthan, an admix of all colors in a palette and experience this exotic and vividly colorful state of India synonymous with majestic forts, stately palaces, lakes, sand dunes, camels and vibrantly clad hospitable people.

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