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How to Make a Steady Income Laying Horses

False Favourites is a fantastic horse racing laying methodology brought to you by Jon Burgess, who is an approved trainer for Betfair, the worlds largest online sporting exchange.
The system has a checklist which mainly looks for handicap races, were the favourites odds are shorter than they should be, against the chances of winning the race & therefore offer value.
This top rated system goes back ten years worth of statistics & why some courses & certain races produce more losers than others & remember this is great for laying purposes.
There is a criteria to stick to & not to drift from it, were the chosen horse(s) has to have odds within a certain bracket, minimum amount of runners, course win percentage & type of race.
The information that you require for this system to work effectively, is from the racing post & the majority of information you will need to make it work properly is free.
Go through the daily horse racing card through Betfair & eliminate the ones that do not match up with the system requirements.
It is very important to follow the mentioned rules of money management & to only risk a certain % of your Betfair balance on each race & remember the most important thing of all is discipline.
Without discipline the whole system/methodology is useless, so do not double up if you lose & do not break the money management rules.
If you can stick to the criteria & the money management, then you will grow your Betfair bank & make a nice & steady second income.

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