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Human Dog Training - 6 Tips For Success

Dog training is not a science, it is an art.
You have to be serious about human dog training.
To understand your dog is essential to train him.
I have no argument with those who want to use any particular training method, tools or technique.
When you ask me about the working definition of human dog training.
Well, the definition in books of course sounds nice, but what does it mean in practice.
Are techniques such as long-lining, forced retrieve training, booby-trapping, bark collars,shock collars and so on and so on all inhuman because they require the use of aversives.
It is a little bit tricky to make a definition.
That is why human dog training is an art.
If you do not like dogs then you have only a very small chance to train a dog.
Human dog training is that which gets the point of the training across to the dog in the become aggressive or something else we do not want him to be or to do.
A few little tips can help to handle some situations while training or on the street with a dog you do not know.
Do not run.
The dog will want to hunt you.
You must stand and do not move.
Do not look in to dog's eyes.
They can understand this sign as an "attack invitation".
Do not laugh.
This mean that you want him to see your teeth.
And dog can understand it as if you wanted to seem more strongly than it.
He will think you are aggressive.
Try to use some training commands like sit or stop, this can mess the dog.
Your voice must be calm and not loud.
Be very patient and not aggressive.
The dog should think that you want to attack him if you are to loud.
If the dog attacking you, try to protect your neck and get your arm in front of you.
The dog will attack your arm.
That is better than your neck or face.
You see it is very important to do human dog training.
To train a dog you need tools techniques and you have to understand your dog.
It is an art so train yourself and then your dog.

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