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The Advantages of Using Stone Landscape Edging

The spring and summer months are coming fast and many of you are probably pondering what you are going to do to spruce up your yard. There are thousands of possibilities that you can choose from to do this. One option that you can choose is to edge your gardens, flowerbeds, ponds, or any area that you wish with stone landscape edging.

There are many benefits to using stone as your edging material. Strength is one of the biggest advantages that this material gives you. Rock is very hard and durable. Many of the other materials used for edging such as wood or plastic may look good but they chip and crack very easily. Stone will not chip as easily and can withstand harder blows than the other materials. Another advantage of stone edging is the great natural look that it gives your yard. Stone, being a natural material itself, will enhance and compliment the aspects of your yard. This material helps make flower gardens pop with vibrancy because it draws people's attention to that area.

One aspect that stone landscape edging has that other materials don't, is its great versatility. There are many different types of stone that you can choose from to line your yard in. This allows you to pick the color and type of stone that will enhance your yard the most. Also, in addition to having many different types to select from, there are also many design options. With stone, you can choose to create straight lines, curvy edges, high edges, or short edges. This is only the beginning of design options that you can choose from. With this freedom, you will be able to edge your yard exactly the way you want.

Stone landscape edging is also very easy to install. In most cases, you can install this material yourself without having to consult a professional landscaper. The first step in installation is deciding where you want to place the edge and how you want the edge to look. Once you decide where you want the edge to go, it is helpful to paint a line exactly how you want the edge to look. It is important when placing your line that you be as precise as possible to make things easier later during installation.

Once you are satisfied with your placement, it is time to start installing the stones. First, you must dig 4 inches deep along the line that you drew earlier. If you want to ensure that no weeds grow into your stones, line the canal that you make with a plastic liner. Next, fill the canal with sand up to one inch from the top. After you have place the sand all that is left is placing the stones. Place the stone on top of the sand closely together. You want to avoid gaps between the stones as much as you can. As you place them on the sand, using a rubber hammer, tap them gently to ensure that they are securely placed. With the stones in place, fill in any gaps or cracks in the stones with sand to provide extra stability.

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