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Russian Educational Medical Center

Russian Educational Medical Center (REMC) – it is the company which has stable development in the sphere of offering services to persons who wish to study at the medical Universities of Russian Federation, Ukraine and China. Having ten-year experience of work, today it is one of the most famous companies in the sphere of its activity. Proposing services include preparation admissions letters for foreign students, invitations, application on visa, translation of documents, accommodation and many other ones. The motto of the company is ‘We help the world to be healthy'.

REMC was the first company, which began to open English medical departments for foreign students in Ukraine. It did a lot of work for helping Universities in recognition in other countries.

Medical education is very popular all over the world. Doctors always were and will be irreplaceable people in the life of every person. That is why place of getting education and professionalism of educators play a very important role in the fate of not only future doctors but always in fate of every man. People must be sure that they give their life to the really qualified doctor, who can help and cannot harm them. Really good medical University must have the qualified educators with vast experience of teaching students and major achievements in the medical science. Only these professionals can explain to students the responsibility for human life and instill love to their profession. That is why REMC works with the best Universities according to the UNESCO and WHO ratings.

The director of the REMC is Dr Yaser Allaham, andrologist, Doctor of Medicine.

The doors of company are always opened for every person, who have a kind heart and wish to be a doctor.

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