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Tips for Upbringing of Tweens

Looking after a daughter is not an easy task. A mom has to understand her emotional, physical and psychological needs and groom her to become a graceful lady. It gets very taxing when she reaches her tweens. At this age, she has outgrown her toys, is quickly growing out of her clothes, starts having attraction towards opposite sex and is in a state of chaos. At this point, she looks up to you for guidance. Tween mom help is what she wants but she'll never say it for she herself doesn't know. You on the other hand may look up into every second mom magazine, talk to other tween moms, and do all you can do to help your daughter.

Emotional connect with your daughter is very important at this stage and it is not always easy to form a bond as there is huge generation gap between you and your daughter. It is important to understand the concepts of the new generation. As a tween mom, you have to familiarize yourself with tween fashion, tween music, tween health and so on.

A tween goes through drastic physical, social and mental changes during her middle school years. It is during this phase, a tween is most likely to face problems, like peer pressure, bullies, ragging etc. Moms of tweens have to very carefully empathize with their kids without seeming to be interfering. A lot of girls attain puberty at this stage and it is important to keep your daughter posted about menstruation and other health problems. You have to help her make vital choices without becoming too influential on her.

Inhalants, alcohols, drugs and menstruation are primary concerns about tween health.

It is also essential to assist your daughter feel good about her body. See to it that she doesn't fall a victim to anorexia. Tweens who are dissatisfied with their bodies are at a higher risk of developing mental health problems such as low self esteem, depression, eating disorder etc. You need to know whether your daughter is suffering from inferiority complex or not.

Tweens are at such stage in their lives where reprimanding them time and again is necessary but no one likes to be reprimanded all the while. Thus, make friends with your daughter, understand her needs, her likes and her dislikes; try to get along with her and gradually let her know about the problems she could face, without being authoritative or dominating mother. At the same time, you should subtly let her know that you'll be there for her whenever she needs you.

This way, you can be sure that your daughter shall share all her problems with you and you shall not be in for a surprise at any point in time. Whilst, you should also trust your daughter and not keep her under scrutiny, letting her know the same. Tweens are very insecure and they look upon you to fulfill their needs and fill the empty space. You have to be a strong pillar of support for your tween daughter and help her lead a happy and healthy life.

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